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Task Forces

    The SMI Task Forces are comprised of private sector CEOs. The purpose of Task Forces is to drive collective action towards a sustainable future.  

    While each Task Force focuses on a different sector, they are consistent in structure. Each Task Force and its members set priorities and oversee progress made by its Working Groups.  

    A Task Force's Working Group is comprised of individuals contributing their time and expertise towards progressing the objectives set by the CEOs. A Working Group’s membership typically consists of senior decision makers and supporting staff from the CEOs' respective companies.  

    The SMI currently has sixteen Task Forces spanning multiple industries and financial services. 

    Today must be the decisive moment that we make sustainability the growth story of our time, while positioning Nature as the engine of our economy.

    To help us succeed, and to complement global efforts across public, private and philanthropic sectors, I am calling on CEOs from around the world to engage and play their part in leading the global transition. To guarantee our future, we have no other choice but to make each day count – and it must start today.

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