Sustainable Markets Initiative in Action

Task Forces

    The Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Industry and Financial Task Forces are comprised of global CEOs across the private sector. The purpose of Task Forces is to drive collective action towards a sustainable future within and across industries in line with the Terra Carta.  

    The Sustainable Markets Initiative recognizes the importance of aligning industry, financial and country roadmaps if we are to accelerate the transition at the scale and pace required.  This is why the Sustainable Markets Initiative has worked since 2020 to build out its global network, industry by industry, to bring key players together to drive the understanding, supply and demand for transition solutions.

    A unique value add of the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s industry and financial Task Forces is not only the ability to accelerate within industries but increasingly the opportunity to work across Task Forces.  This cross-Task Force collaboration helps CEOs to explore unique solutions, complementarities and scale that could not be achieved by one industry alone.  

    The reality of our global financial and economic system is that our world is deeply interconnected, this is why it is so critical that the global private sector comes together to support each other on transition.  This is the fundamental purpose of our CEO-led Task Forces.

    Further information

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