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Press release from the Sustainable Markets Initiative 31 May 2023

Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Hydrogen Task Force Releases Hydrogen Transport and Storage Report

Building pathways to decarbonisation

London, England: The Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) Hydrogen Task Force today launched its Hydrogen Transport and Storage report. The report highlights the importance of developing the critical supply chain infrastructure required to enable low-carbon hydrogen to play an at-scale role in the energy transition. These efforts align with the spirit of the Terra Carta and catalyse technology and innovation.

The report highlights the importance of supportive policy to accelerate technology, innovation and investment in hydrogen production, transportation, storage and distribution. And it also explores the need for cross-border alignment and standardisation to enable international low-carbon hydrogen supply chains to be developed.   

“Low-carbon hydrogen can be an important part of the future global energy mix. While hydrogen is still at the early stages of its development and potential growth trajectory, this report illustrates the possibilities and the key enablers to support growth in making hydrogen an at-scale contribution to the energy transition,”said Thomas Hobby, President of Yosemite Clean Energy and Sustainable Markets Initiative Hydrogen Task Force member. 

The report discusses challenges and enablers for hydrogen transport and storage, including new technologies being developed across the hydrogen lifecycle, and provides insight on the speed of technological innovation and commercialisation needed to make transport and storage options technically and economically feasible.

The Sustainable Markets Initiative Hydrogen Task Force is helping to drive growth in demand and supply of low-carbon hydrogen through company and sectoral public commitments coupled with practical, demonstrable projects. One of the primary ways is through the continued support and operationalisation of the Hydrogen pledges through the H2ForNetZero  initiative launched in 2021 in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Hydrogen Task Force members recognise the important role that hydrogen could play in reaching global decarbonisation goals and are taking action to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen across broad range of uses. 

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