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    In the spirit of the Terra Carta’s objectives of creating sustainable industries, catalysing technology & innovation and specifically reducing emissions across industry, the Hydrogen Task Force seeks to drive growth in the demand for and supply of clean hydrogen through company and sectoral public commitments coupled with practical, demonstrable projects.

    Hydrogen Task Force


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        Press Release 31 May 2023

        Hydrogen Transport and Storage

        Sustainable Markets Initiative Hydrogen Task Force releases Hydrogen Transport and Storage Report.

        Hydrogen Task Force

        Key Resources

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            Hydrogen Task force Guide 10 October 2023

            Action Acceleration Guide

            The Sustainable Markets Initiative's Hydrogen Task Force has developed a guide to support sectors and businesses to better understand how they can incorporate hydrogen into their energy transition strategies.
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            Hydrogen Task Force Report 31 May 2023

            Hydrogen Transport and Storage

            The purpose of this report is to identify and discuss the complexities and hurdles to building a low-carbon hydrogen economy, examine technology leaders that are bridging the challenges and uncover technology that could catalyse the industry's progress.

            Hydrogen Pledges

            The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and The Sustainable Markets Initiative gathered ambitious companies to drive growth in the demand for, and supply of, hydrogen - an essential part of the future net-zero energy system.

            Pledges across three categories – demand, supply and financial or technical support – have been made by 35 companies representing different sectors from mining to energy, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, and financial services.

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            Download the full list of company pledges

            H2ForNetZero initiative information

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            Hydrogen Policy and Regulatory Recommendations

            The Hydrogen Task Force has developed policy and regulatory levers needed to accelerate adoption of hydrogen fuel cells specifically for transportation.

            Supporting companies and organisations: Anglo American, Bank of America, Belfast Metropolitan College, bp, Cummins, Fortescue Metals Group, Gambit Corporate Finance, GreenPoint, Hydrogen Council, ITM Power, Johnson Matthey, Linde, Macquarie, Shell, Siemens Energy, Toyota Motor Europe, Yosemite Clean Energy, 8 Rivers Capital.

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            Hydrogen has a vital part to play in the global energy system, especially for hard-to-electrify sectors. To realise its full potential, businesses, government and consumers need to work ever more closely together to build the momentum in demand for and supply of this versatile energy carrier.

            Wael Sawan, CEO of Shell
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