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Hospitality and Tourism Task Force

    Collaboration to drive transformation towards more sustainable solutions across the Hospitality and Tourism industry

    The Hospitality and Tourism Task Force has 14 global hospitality companies and three leading sustainability and inter-governmental development organisations, catalysing technology & innovation. The aim of the task force is to support reduction of emissions across industry and pursue tangible, scalable and practical solutions to address climate change and find more sustainable solutions. The task force is building momentum for more transformative solutions across the sectors’ value and supply chains.

    The task force comprises of CEOs from across the hospitality and tourism industry, collaborating and creating dialogue to support sustainable solutions in the industry and achieve net zero. By combining the expertise of hospitality associations, sustainability strategic partners and inter-governmental development organisations, the task force leverages existing infrastructure to discover and gain best practices for how the industry can reduce its environmental impact and accelerate pathways to sustainability making a greater impact in communities and for the environment.

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    Latest News

    The Sustainable Markets Initiative's Hospitality and Tourism Task Force Announces 14 New Corporate Members and Strategic Partners with Three Leading Organisations

    Collaboration to drive transformation to sustainable solutions across the sector

    Read the press release here

      I welcome our founding members who bring their expertise and knowledge to help build a more sustainable future for the hospitality and tourism industry. By galvanising the conversation around sustainability, we can drive practical and tangible solutions, to push innovation and address the challenges the industry faces.  The Task Force aims to collaborate not only with each other, but other Task Forces. With far-reaching value and supply chains, the hospitality and tourism industry are in a unique position to engage and have cross-sector influence.  I look forward to working with our members and hope to welcome more leaders to the Hospitality and Tourism Task Force as the industry focuses on pathways to accelerate sustainability.

      Glenn Mandziuk, CEO, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and Co-chair of Sustainable Markets Initiative Hospitality and Tourism Task Force
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      I am very encouraged by the level of commitment and leadership of the founding members, to our purpose of bringing this industry together with other sectors, already active as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, to build a more sustainable future. The hospitality and tourism industry can play a pivotal role, given its crossover with so many other sectors, such as aviation, asset management, shipping, buildings, to mention but a few, in this process. Hence this task force is also key to ensuring maximum alignment in our efforts to overcoming the common challenges our societies and companies face when it comes to climate change. I am honoured to co-chair this group of highly professional and dedicated CEO's and strategic partners.

      Xenia zu Hohenlohe, Co-founding Partner at the Considerate Group and Co-chair of Sustainable Markets Initiative Hospitality and Tourism Task Force
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      Task Force Members

      Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

      Glenn Mandziuk

      Considerate Group

      Xenia zu Hohenlohe

      Co-founding Partner
      IHG Hotels and Resorts

      Elie Maalouf


      Sebastien Bazin

      Dorint Hotels & Resorts

      Jorg Bockler

      Marriott International, INC.

      Anthony Capuano

      President and CEO
      Jumeriah Group

      Katerina Giannouka

      Radisson Hotel Group

      Federico J. González

      Kerten Hospitality

      Marloes Knippenberg


      Chris Nassetta

      President and CEO
      Arabella Hospitality

      Karl-Heinz Pawlizki

      BWH Hotel Group GB

      Ron Pohl

      President of International Operations

      Sonu Shivdasani

      Founder, CEO, and Joint Creative Director
      Iberostar Group

      Gloria Fluxà Thienemann

      Vice-Chairman & Chief Sustainability Officer

      Sustainability strategic partners and inter-governmental development organisations

      Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)

      Suzanne Neufang

      World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

      Julia Simpson

      President and CEO
      United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

      Zoritsa Urosevic

      Executive Director

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