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Announcement from the SMI 16 March 2023

The Health Systems Task Force Shares Joint Supplier Targets

The Sustainable Markets Initiative Health Systems Task Force has come together to set joint, minimum climate and sustainability targets for suppliers, to address emissions across the value chain and reduce the complexity of multiple asks for suppliers.

The healthcare sector contributes around 5% of global emissions. Approximately 50% of these emissions stem from supply chains, indicating a sizeable opportunity to decarbonise the industry.

The targets were developed collaboratively by evaluating industry best practices and engaging with a selection of suppliers to incorporate supplier perspectives. Pharmaceutical companies within the Task Force will now implement these targets individually with their respective suppliers as part of their existing engagement processes. Members will collectively drive stronger collaboration with suppliers on the topic, including by supporting suppliers with solutions to achieving these targets.

The publishing of the joint supplier targets reflects another important step towards accelerating the transition to net zero healthcare systems that improve individual, societal, and planetary health.

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