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The Time to Act is Now
Press release from the SMI 25 September 2021

RE:TV, Prince Charles’ channel to help tackle climate change, launches on Amazon Prime Video

To mark New York Climate Week, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has launched his sustainability channel called RE:TV on Prime Video.

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  • Curated by editor-in-chief, HRH The Prince of Wales, RE:TV shows solutions working to accelerate a more sustainable future

  • RE:TV aims to encourage businesses and individuals around the world to actively work towards sustainability

25th September 2021: RE:TV provides a showcase of the best examples from global business of how to tackle climate change. The team have identified businesses that specialise in the most innovative approaches to reusing and recycling.

Covering a huge range of innovation from recycling coffee, reseeding rainforests, and refining solar to revitalising cities and remodelling fashion, the films focus on positive, forward-thinking stories that show how human ingenuity and innovation can power the transition our planet so greatly needs.

The RE:TV content on Prime Video also includes a direct plea from His Royal Highness Prince Charles that we must act now. He says there is hope but we are running out of time.

RE:TV highlights projects from across the world working on brilliant initiatives that can help transform how business is done, helping us make a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

For each film, RE:TV worked with local crews and international partners to champion inspiring solutions from around the world and highlight the work of projects in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, including:

  • ‘Remapping Restoration’ which profiles Restor, a data platform based in the UK which is working to reinvent restoration efforts around the world through AI and machine learning – its founder has recently been listed as an Earthshot Prize finalist.

  • ‘Recycling Everything’ which highlights the innovative New Jersey based company, TerraCycle, who have become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle materials.

  • ‘Refuelling Aviation’ which explores the journey towards affordable and clean energy with Chicago based start-up, Lanzatech, who have developed a biological process to create Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

The work reflected in these films are the embodiment of more than a four-decade vision of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to address society’s most pressing concerns, including a rapid transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

Amazon Prime members can view the content here or by searching for “RE:TV” on their Prime Video app on mobile, tablets, smart TVs, Fire TV or however they usually watch Prime Video.

This follows RE:TV partnering with Waterbear, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet by using storytelling as a tool to make a difference.