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Media Advisory from the Sustainable Markets Initiative 25 June 2024

Prototype digital innovation to bring global-scale nature intelligence to infrastructure projects

First-of-its-kind tool will gauge the impact of infrastructure projects on nature, giving critical insights into project risks at key decision making milestones.

London, United Kingdom: The Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Measurement and Transparency Hub, led by AECOM, is developing a new digital tool which enables project investors and promoters to make early assessments on the extent nature will either impact, or be impacted by, the development of infrastructure.

Enabled by AI, this tool marks the first-time data at this scale has been brought together, with results processed, curated and delivered in a digestible written format, flagging issues which need to be considered or require deeper investigation.

The tool pinpoints locations anywhere in the world (at a scale of metres), to instantly pull up expert reviewed descriptions of that location’s habitat and biomes.

Drawing on the expertise of thousands of AECOM’s environmental experts, this forward-looking tool will be used at project origination stage, supporting site optioneering and feasibility, improving decisions and efficiency, including the potential to dramatically reduce impacts on nature and biodiversity.

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