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Forest management for natural solution to climate change
News from the SMI 18 January 2022

Technical advances in assessing natural climate solutions for global carbon markets

Science Working Group paper on technical advancements in the assessment of natural capital assets, in particular the measuring of forest carbon, providing routes to risk integrity for natural climate solutions in global carbon markets.

The SMI Science Working Group aims to connect nature, science, and technology in addressing root-challenges to scaling natural climate solutions. Its first technical note provides a snapshot of the best available technologies and techniques for credible assessment of natural capital assets’ carbon sequestration and carbon storage performance. The ambition is that, with replicable and scalable approaches for measuring and reporting carbon sequestration in natural systems, natural capital assets can be (re)considered for global carbon compliance markets.

The paper is a recommended read for technology and policy experts, and indeed anyone with an interest in what can be done to catalyse the cessation of deforestation and drive effective afforestation across appropriate ecozones.

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