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Press release from the SMI 26 June 2022

Flipping the Switch

As G7 leaders gather for this year’s meeting in Germany, we offer three critical areas for action.

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The turbulence in global energy arises from an energy system shaped by countless choices made by governments and in the private sector for many years. But the fact is that we can make different choices for our future.  It is within our power to rebuild the global energy system and economy in a way that works for Nature, people and the planet, and avoids burdening the most vulnerable in society.

Restoring our planetary, human and economic health is vital, as is adapting to those impacts that cannot be avoided. This is going to require trillions of dollars, much of which can be met by the private sector. We call on governments to put in place the market signals that will stimulate and channel this investment.

Undersigned By:

Alison Rose

NatWest Group, CEO

Anand Mahindra

Chairman, Mahindra Group

Bill Thomas

Global Chairman & CEO, KPMG

Bernard Looney

CEO, bp

Ben van Beurden

CEO, Shell

Benedikt Sobotka

CEO, Eurasian Resources Group

Bob Moritz

Global Chairman, PwC

Brian Moynihan

CEO, Bank of America

Carmine di Sibio


Federico Marchetti

Founder, YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group

George R. Oliver

Chairman & CEO, Johnson Controls

James Brocklebank

Co-Chair Executive Committee, Advent International

John Holland-Kaye


John Neal

CEO, Lloyd's of London

Marc-Andre Blanchard

Executive Vice-President, CDPQ Global

Nick Cooper

CEO, Storegga

Noel Quinn


Patrick Holden

CEO, Sustainable Food Trust

Punit Renjen

CEO, Deloitte Global

Ron O'Hanley

Chairman & CEO, StateStreet

Tim Wainwright

Chief Executive, WaterAid UK

Yiannis Paraschis (Dr.)

CEO, Athens International Airport