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02 December 2023

Sustainable Markets Initiative launches Fusion Task Force to address alternate energy transition solutions

Task Force to convene, align, and engage private sector companies to tackle the barriers to market adoption of fusion energy by 2030.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Sustainable Markets Initiative announced today at COP28 the launch of its Fusion Energy Task Force, which will convene the sector’s value and supply chain to accelerate the commercialisation of fusion energy.  

Task Force members include CEOs from industries which will be critical to enabling the transformative role that fusion can play in the energy mix. Building upon recent positive milestones and trends, the Task Force highlights fusion’s potential to deliver at-scale, clean, reliable energy.   

Christofer Mowry, CEO of Type One Energy Group and Chair of the Fusion Energy Task Force, said: 

“Fusion is the power of the stars, the most powerful form of energy in the universe. Harnessing it is essential for delivering the transition to a long-term sustainable future. The science is now proven. Our challenge is to reimagine more ambitious market-driven, government-enabled, solutions that facilitate the market adoption of this clean technology in time to address climate change.” 

In service of broad sustainability goals, the Fusion Energy Task Force will collaborate with other Sustainable Markets Initiative Task Forces to promote awareness of fusion energy’s readiness to enable the energy transition and seeks to establish the first projects under development by 2030s.  

Jennifer Jordan-Saifi, CEO of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, said:  

“Fusion’s near-term prospects offer a glimpse into a future where clean and efficient energy transforms not just our planet but enables us to power the horizon of human exploration.  We must continue to fund the research and development into fusion and also begin serious work to the regulatory and economic frameworks that will evolve from limitless clean power being readily available.  We are truly on the cusp of a pivotal moment.”   

The Task Force will focus on the following key areas:  

  • Explore ways to produce the market signals necessary to increase the pace of fusion’s commercialisation.  

  • Seek to scale the fusion value chain related to the minerals, materials, and industrial processes.  

  • Facilitate broader market participation from both private and public sectors. 

  • Determine and demonstrate how to create investable opportunities for the private sector to fill the value chain gaps in enabling technologies, materials, engineered products, and industrial processes needed for final commercialisation of fusion.  

  • Address Private Sector Engagement, overcoming barriers to broader market participation and in public policy. 

  • Identify and exercise mechanisms to foster industry and private sector understanding of fusion energy as a credible medium-term and long-term solution to achieving and sustaining a net zero economy. 

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