Supporting Regions and Countries to Realise Their Sustainability Ambitions

Regional and Country Engagement

    Scale and accelerate

    At a regional and country level, the Sustainable Markets Initiative seeks to scale and accelerate private sector investment into priority sustainability opportunities. It offers guidance to governments and other stakeholders to help secure the investment needed to deliver on their sustainability ambitions. Support includes:

    • Provision of an online Project Development Tool to aid planning;

    • Drawing on technical and financial expertise in the Sustainable Markets Initiative Task Forces to guide projects;

    • Showcasing investment opportunities on the Sustainable Markets Initiative Terra Carta X-Change platform;

    • Leveraging our strategic partnerships; and

    • Encouraging collective action in support of national sustainability agendas through Regional and Country Councils.

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      Scale and accelerate

      Driving sustainability ambitions

      Regional and Country Councils

      The aim of the Sustainable Markets Initiative's Regional and Country Councils is to encourage collective action by businesses in support of national sustainability agendas. This is accomplished by convening locally domiciled sector experts, national governments, foreign multinationals, and private banks who partner in: 

      • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing: By bringing together experts from different regions and backgrounds, Regional and Country Councils facilitate the exchange of best practices, lessons learned, and innovative ideas that can help to accelerate progress towards priority sustainability agendas.

      • Business development:The Regional and Country Councils help accelerate in-country investments and the growth of sustainability projects and technologies, by connecting private sector players across borders.

      • Aligning country, regional, industry and investment roadmaps to deliver action and results: To build bridges between ambition and action, the Sustainable Markets Initiative's Regional and Country Councils identify barriers and opportunities to scale activity.

      • Contributing private sector voices and solutions: Regional and Country Councils showcase the sustainability aligned leadership, capabilities and initiatives of Regional and Country Council members across various international forums, such as G7 , G20 , CHOGM , UNGA , UNFCCC , COPs and UNCBD .

      Learn more about the Regional and Country Councils here .

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        Sustainable Markets Initiative Network

        Leveraging expertise

        • Drawing on expertise in the Sustainable Markets Initiative Task Forces to guide projects. The Sustainable Markets Initiative Task Forces, covering various sectors such as finance, energy, agriculture, water, and waste. Task Force members actively participate in projects aimed at advancing sustainability goals;

        • The Sustainable Markets Initiative Opportunities Advisory Committee (OAC) launched in November 2022 to provide guidance to projects that meet the spirit of the Terra Carta on what actions are required to help secure private sector investment. The OAC comprises a group of experts in investment and international development, with specific regional and sectoral expertise.

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          Regional and Country Support

          Strategic Partnerships

          The Sustainable Markets Initiative partners with key organisations operating across the globe who have a proven track record in accelerating sustainability via advisory support to governments, targeted private sector investments and high-quality project development assistance.

          In June of 2022, theSustainable Markets Initiative launched the Sustainable Infrastructure Accelerator , in strategic partnership with the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation and FAST-Infra Project to help governments to develop and secure investment for high-quality sustainable infrastructure projects.

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            Rice Field

            partner with us


            The Sustainable Markets Initiative has a positive impact in scaling private sector investment when it has committed regional and in-country support. Strategic partnerships that replicate this model can result in more sustainability projects getting the investment they need.  The Sustainable Markets Initiative aims to create a strong pipeline of projects that need investment. If your organisation has a project that needs private sector capital and needs technical and/or structural guidance you can email the Sustainable Markets Initiative to inquire about how it can support your project.

            Note: the Sustainable Markets Initiative does not have its own funding and cannot commit capital on behalf of its stakeholders.

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