Sustainable Markets 10-point action plan

Within the framework of sustainable markets and rapid decarbonization, changing our current trajectory will require bold and imaginative action in 10 key areas as outlined in HRH The Prince of Wales's 10-point action plan.

Choosing Sustainability does not require us to sacrifice profit but asks us to broaden our assessment of capital and its value while exploring how to optimise for global future benefit.

We need a Sustainability Revolution, rooted in purposeful capitalism and sustainable markets. And we need it now.

10-point action plan

  • 1. Platforms

    Connecting investments to investibles by using platforms that can rapidly scale solutions and transform the marketplace.

  • 2. Prices

    Embedding positive & negative social & environmental costs into goods & services to ensure sustainable options are obtainable.

  • 3. Standards

    Adopting common metrics and standards so consumers, investors & shareholders are better informed to make better decisions & sustainable options the trusted and attainable option.

  • 4. Nature

    Investing in Nature as the true engine of our economy.

  • 5. Innovation

    Invest in STEM, innovation & R+D with a focus on sustainable solutions.

  • 6. Policies

    Reversing perverse subsidies & improving incentives for sustainable alternatives.

  • 7. Solutions

    Identify game changing technologies and emerging solutions whilst eliminating the barriers to transition.

  • 8. Systems

    Transitioning our existing systems by creating entirely new industries, products, services and supply chains.

  • 9. Pathways

    Outlining responsible transition pathways to decarbonise and achieve net & negative zero to reimagine industries through the lens of sustainable markets.

  • 10. Default settings

    Shift default settings to sustainable by putting Sustainability at the core of our business models, our decisions & our actions.

Accelerate the transition now

Do we want to go down in history as the people who did nothing to bring the world back from the brink in time to restore the balance when we could have done? I don’t want to. And just think for a moment – what good is all the extra wealth in the world, gained from “business as usual”, if you can do nothing with it except watch it burn in catastrophic conditions?

HRH The Prince of Wales
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