Our Response to COVID-19

The overwhelming scale and scope of COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on the wellbeing of our citizens, communities, businesses, economies and global systems. The COVID-19 crisis is historic in magnitude, yet crises of its kind are likely to become more frequent and more debilitating as the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss are increasingly felt. This crisis will set us back significantly but offers us a unique but narrow opportunity to reimagine, retool, rebuild, rebrand and reposition our policies, financial instruments, regulations, businesses and supply chains. It is a turning point that we cannot squander. The Sustainable Markets Initiative aims to use this opportunity to inspire, design and secure a global economic reset that puts people and planet first.

Building on HRH's Sustainable Markets 10-point action plan and leveraging the unique combined convening power of HRH The Prince of Wales and the World Economic Forum, the Sustainable Markets Initiative offers an unprecedented framework to enable and structure solutions to respond to the consequences of the current health response while looking beyond to keep momentum on the transition to sustainable markets and rapid decarbonization by 2030. Identifying and investing in disruptive and sustainable alternatives remains critical to this effort.

To reflect and inspire the world to action, while aiming for a green recovery, I would ask you to join me by sharing your vision for a more sustainable future (socially, environmentally and economically) using the hashtag #ReimagineReset. Together, I am confident that we can use this crisis to reset our course by putting people and planet first.

—HRH, the Prince of Wales