The Sustainable Markets Initiative aims to accelerate an industry-wide transition to sustainable markets and rapid decarbonization

A call to action

In response to the increasing threats posed by climate change and biodiversity loss, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales created the Sustainable Markets Initiative and Council, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, in September 2019.

Industry roundtables

A series of industry-specific roundtables will be held throughout 2020 to develop and accelerate industry transitions to sustainable markets and rapid decarbonization by 2030. These roundtables will bring together system innovators, investors and decision makers to start charting the course and committing to tangible actions over the coming year.

The Sustainble Markets Council

The Sustainable Markets Council (SMC) serves as an advisory body to identify innovative approaches to sustainable market creation. The SMC itself is not constituted as a funding nor an implementing mechanism, but instead aims to enable and structure solutions which might then be delivered by the countries, partners, companies and individuals involved.

As CEOs, we want to create long‑term value to shareholders by delivering solid returns for shareholders AND by operating a sustainable business model that addresses the long‑term goals of (the) society, as provided for in the SDG roadmap.

—Brian Moynihan, SMC Member and Chairman and CEO Bank of America

Back to where it all began

  • Jun ’19
    Sustainable Markets Roundtable, London, Hosted by HRH.
  • Sep ’19
    SMC Meeting at the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit, New York.
  • Nov ’19
    Inaugural Meeting of the Sustainable Markets Council, London; Hosted by HRH.
  • Nov ’19
    SMC Meeting in Mumbai, Hosted by HRH.
  • Jan '20
    Sustainable Markets Cross-industry Roundtable, Davos. Hosted by WEF.
  • Feb '20
    Aviation Roundtable, London, Hosted by HRH.

The Council meets regulary to discuss issues and solutions. Want to get involved? Check out our events.

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